What to Do When Instagram Starts Killing Your Organic Reach?

To increase their reach and possible revenue, companies and influencers have been making use of Instagram’s organic growth service. It was a time of bliss and smiles as Instagram posts had a greater reach. From 2019, around June, there has been a reported decline in the organic reach of Instagram posts. This was earlier reported on Facebook and the same illness has now found itself on Instagram. For users and brands using the social media platform, this spells disaster. So, what exactly is the solution to this phenomenon? That’s what we are about to describe to you.

The cause

According to analysis and research have done on this topic, the cause of this sharp decline is a change in the Instagram algorithm. Without going into the semantics and nitty-gritty of computer science, an algorithm can be simply explained as the process or set of rules for solving a problem by a computer. Through organic reach, the previous Instagram algorithm was able to substantially improve your reach to new, potential clients.

Currently, Instagram is more intentional in promoting brands and users through the use of Instagram posts to targeted audiences, and hence, the decline.

The solution

So, what do you do? This is a disconcerting situation for anyone who uses the platform to market their services and products. Here are a few tips of advice that we think could give you that extra edge:

  • Quality over quantity. It might seem like a basic tip but it will work wonders for you. From the onset, Instagram established itself as a highly visual site. It is all about aesthetics here. Focus on creating visually pleasing and quality content that can encourage engagement on every post on your page.
  • Building relationships. You already have a certain following on the platform. Why not build on that? Perform a detailed analysis of your followers. Tag and comment on your number one fan’s posts. By building a relationship, you are also creating the possibility of other people seeing your posts.
  • Instagram Stories. It has been noted that many people prefer short and engaging content. On this basis, Instagram stories were created. It immediately caught the attention of many fans and has retained them. Market your products and goods through your stories.
  • Instagram Advertising. The market has moved from physical to online. And Instagram is one of the top-tier social platforms. Depending on your business goals and structure, Instagram could be able to give you a competitive edge. You can meet a target audience without much fuss and effectively.

Instagram has helped many brands create meaningful relationships with their audience. But Instagram will want you to pay to increase your audience. That doesn’t have to be the case. With the above tips, you can increase your reach and possibly increase sales of your services and products.