Removable Clear Braces

Only the people who wear braces can really relate to the feeling of smiling with the braces in public. Even though there is nothing wrong with it and the smile on its own looks very nice and unique, the people who wear braces become extra conscious of their own smiles. Many times people who start wearing the braces or retainers become so conscious of themselves that they simply do not smile in public places. They are associated with the feeling that maybe their smiles do not look natural and some people might make fun of the fact that they are wearing braces. For such people, there are now removable clear braces available in the market. These braces perform the same function as the normal braces, only that these are transparent and difficult to spot, especially from far away. These clear braces (จัด ฟัน ใส ราคา in the Thai language) also look good and feel better than the conventional ones.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Enhanced Confidence

The top and most common benefit of wearing invisible retainers or removable clear braces is the fact that they give you great confidence. People often tend to shy away from the conventional teeth braces thinking that they might look weird on them or that their smile would look unnatural. However, this fear is automatically suppressed when they wear clear braces. These clear braces will never sacrifice the image to straighten out the wayward teeth and will also do the work effectively. This will give the person the ability to smile and talk with confidence, especially in public.

Improved Oral Health

Clear braces have proven to be very effective in straightening the rather crooked teeth. They work so much better than the normal ones such that they allow the near-perfect alignment of the teeth. When the teeth are straight, not only do they look and feel better, they also function much better and healthier as well. Also, once the teeth are fully straightened they allow less plaque onto themselves and hence are cleaned and maintained much easily. Hence, with the removable clear braces, oral health can be improved to a great extent.

Traumatic Wear Reduction

If the teeth are not properly aligned or are not as straightened out as they normally should be, they start to hasten wear. This is a type of traumatic wear that ultimately causes breaks or abfraction, especially along the gum line. However, with the removable clear braces, the gums will remain healthy and well maintained. Adding to this, with properly aligned teeth because of the removable clear braces, the stress placed on the jaw overall is also reduced significantly.


Overall with the removable clear braces, the most important thing is that not only do these braces work and function perfectly, but they also look much better than the traditional ones as well. So the people who are forced to wear braces can do so without really having to worry about how they might look or feel.