Can the Shipper Be the Importer of Records?

Importation of goods is a normal trend as nowadays people engage in trade out of their countries. At times one might need to import goods into their content from another continent. Life at times needs one to move from one country to another and export and import is part of the process. Consider settling for a reliable company that can import your goods with minimal hustle such as

An importer of record is the person importing the goods into the destination country. They are responsible for ensuring all the documents are in place, the payments are made and the goods being imported have been paid for their custom duties and cleared. This could be an individual, an importation broker, or an importing company.

On the other hand, a shipper is an individual or organization that packs, sorts, labels, and sends goods for shipment. They ensure all the documents are correct and attached to the goods being shipped. A shipper is in charge of ensuring the intended goods reach the owner safe and on time. Companies and individuals hire shippers to conduct the business of cargo transportation.

Similarities between the shipper and importer of records

  • They both handle the documentation of the consignee. These include bills of lading, packing lists, invoices, insurance documents, and air waybills.
  • Both deal with ensuring the goods reach the consignee on time and are safe.
  • Both work to clear with the customs office at the port and clearance of goods to enter into the country.
  • They both make the necessary payments of customs duty to the relevant officers and acquire the necessary receipts to be presented to the consignee.
  • Both ensure the consignee’s details are correct through counter-checking the given details and ensuring the documents match the goods imported.
  • They both offer advice to the consignee on the best shipping company to settle for in importing their goods.


Can the shipper be the importer of records?

Yes. Both of these are involved with ensuring the goods are brought to the consignee safely. They also handle all the documentation and clearance at the ports.

What documents does the importer of records handle?

Depending on the type of goods being imported, an importer of records will handle all the documents from the port to when the goods reach your end. These documents include the bill of entry, commercial invoice, bill of landing, airway bill, import license, insurance certificate, purchase order, technical write-up, and industry license if any.

Can my imports be handled from any country? handles the importation of goods into any country as long as it is legal no matter the state of an individual or the company.

With a well-established company globally, they deal with all the documentation and legal requirements in the country of destination.

How long does a shipping company take before I receive my imports?

Depending on the destination country and the type of goods being imported, the minimum number of days ranges from two to three days.

In conclusion, one might choose to import the goods themselves or hire an importer of goods that will handle all the documentation needed to import the goods.