Instagram Tricks & Tactics That Increase Engagement Rates

Instagram has taken over social media by storm. As more and more people continue to join Instagram, the competition has increased than ever before. To be at the forefront and enable people to see your content first, individuals and businesses must increase their engagement rates. There is a lot of false content related to increasing your engagement rate, so beware of such deceiving websites.

Consistency is key

To reach new heights of success on Instagram, it goes without saying that the more active you are, the more people will be inclined to view your content. It has even been noticed that many people unfollow an Instagrammer if they do not get to see content from them on a daily basis.

Tell stories and be interactive

People use Instagram primarily to entertain themselves and to get rid of stress and anxiety. It has been noticed that people increasingly love Instagrammers who love to share their stories and give their audience a chance to interact as much as possible.

Don’t be fake

This does not mean that an Instagrammer starts to fake stories. Fake content creators receive great backlash, and their accounts are completely abandoned.

Correct hashtags are crucial to gain

Hashtags are crucial for Instagram’s growth strategies. It is not about hashtags but using the correct ones. This is because the audience ends up getting to see your content when they search for particular keywords.

Go with the trend

The world of Instagram is dynamic and keeps on changing. To be on the forefront, be on the lookout for what other Instagrammers are doing and try to follow it so your engagement rate can increase.

Be innovative

This in no way means that you have to stick to what others are doing, you can achieve high engagement rates by making the existing trend a little innovative. A simple twist can make the current trend even more amazing and is important for top Instagram growth strategies.

Offer giveaways

People love freebies, and many Instagrammers use giveaways as a strategy to get higher engagement rates. This is because people do not have to do much to register for the giveaway. Not to forget, do not just do giveaways for the sake of attracting your viewers, put in good products, so they can reflect your status. Sadly, some Instagrammers do giveaways but never deliver the products to the winners who genuinely deserved them.

To cut it short, increasing your Instagram engagement rate is all about being entertaining, being an active content producer, going with the flow, and above all offering giveaways. All of this might seem easy and quite elementary, however; following it religiously is the main point. If you end up sticking to it, nobody can stop your account from getting the engagement rates that you deserve. Happy socializing!