How Do Coin Counters & Coin Sorters Work?

We are sure that this question has passed through your mind at least once in your lifetime. As you purchase drinks or your favorite snack bar from a vending machine, you have been fazed by the accuracy of coin counters. You might also have encountered these machines in banks, department stores, or service points, e.g. when paying for parking.

In this article, we seek to unveil the mystery that surrounds these ‘magical’ tools.

Coin sorting machines: how do they work?

If you have a bunch of coins in your pocket, you can differentiate them by touch and weighing their size in your hands. With that imagery in hand, replicating that thinking and perceptual process to a coin sorting machine may seem hard and basic simultaneously.

Once you put coins inside such a machine, the machine will sort the coins based on their weight. This is the same rationale and procedure that vending machines use. It goes without saying that the machines will have to be pre-programmed to be able to differentiate the weight of the different coins.

Another possible sorting mechanism is through the use of a magnetic test. Each coin has a different magnetic frequency and properties. This is because of the diverse metals that coins are made with. The machine will test the coins for their levels of magnetism (as well as their dimensions) and sort them out.

The latter type of sorting is for newer machines in the market.

Benefits of a coin counter

  1.           Fewer losses and costs. In running a business, each dollar and coin needs to be accounted for. Even the smallest counting mistakes replicated a thousand times can lead to losses in the hundreds of thousands. Installing a simple coin counter can save you that hassle.
  2.           Do you have an idea of how dirty money is? Coins are generally dirtier than bills since they are exchanged at a higher rate. You can keep your and your employees’ hands clean by making use of a coin counter.

3.        Accessibility at all hours of the day or night. Say you have a laundromat that operates using a coin counter system. You don’t need to be there for the laundromat to function. You might just have to come after hours to close up the shop. While experiencing low maintenance, you can easily enjoy high returns.

4.        Accuracy. There is no human who is perfect. You can make errors when counting cash. To avoid such mistakes, get yourself a coin counter.

Bringing it home

Installation of a coin counter to your business or retail store can help you revolutionize your spending habits or even be more efficient. To get a reliable coin counter from a reputable service provider, get in touch with Carnation counters or other companies that are trustworthy leaders in the industry, known for their quality services and products.