Henna Brows: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About

Ever since henna eyebrows have been introduced, they have been considered a consistent and superior alternative than tinting eyebrows. In addition to coloring the hair, a henna pigment also stains the skin underneath the hair, which gives the eyebrows a thicker and darker look. Framing and constructing the eyebrows can change the entire appearance of the face.

The procedure of using henna, such as Supercilium, on the eyebrows, is straightforward and is not at all tedious. Before beginning the application of henna, the eyebrows should be shaped appropriately by waxing, tweezing, or threading. Once this is done, blend the henna powder and the fixing lotion to make a thick paste which can effectively be applied on the eyebrows. When the henna has been prepared, apply the paste on eyebrows with an eyebrow brush, the use of which would give the best results. After about 30 minutes, clean it with a kitchen towel and wash the eyebrows with warm water. The use of shea butter or petroleum jelly on the skin, before applying henna on the eyebrows, helps to avoid any sensitivities or allergies. Since henna is made with all-natural ingredients, it does not cause any damage to the skin or the eyebrow hair. Alongside this, its convenient application makes maintenance very easy.

Maintenance of henna eyebrows

To lengthen the results of eyebrows treated with henna, a few things should be kept in mind. One significant factor is to avoid using too much water on the face, as this wouldn’t lighten the color of henna. The regular use of color protecting conditioners such as coconut oil, on the eyebrows helps to develop and strengthen the tint. To maintain a dark, luscious eyebrow look, henna must be applied on time, at regular intervals. It is imperative to make sure that no henna removing chemicals are present in the face cream used by a client to ensure long-lasting results. The use of other dyes on top of the henna can ruin the look by fading away from the henna pigment.

How long do henna eyebrows last

In general, individuals with little or faded hair in their eyebrows will observe less dependable outcomes, whereas, in contrast, people with thicker eyebrows are usually more satisfied with their results. Typically, henna stays on the eyebrows for about two weeks up to a month. However, this additionally relies upon their skin type. On the off chance that individuals have oily skin, their pigment will fade sooner, while dry skin has better outcomes.

Benefits of maintaining henna eyebrows

Since henna only contains natural substances, it does not damage the skin or cause allergic reactions. The availability of this product allows users to avoid other chemical methods of tinting. Along with being inexpensive, it can also quickly be done at home, without having to visit the salon. Maintenance after the first application is also quite easy, as all the products needed for the process are easily accessible in stores or even online. The total time required to dye your eyebrows with henna is about 45 minutes, whereas other processes take much longer.