Do Henna Eyebrows Lighten?

Henna is a temporary coloring organic technique. It is often used for tattooing any part of the body or nails or hair, and it can even be used on eyebrows for extenuating the color/feature of eyebrows. Henna is a harmless product originating in Asia as ‘Mehndi’ in the local language. Henna has been recently introduced or being trended for tattooing the eyebrows. It is a helpful way for women/men to darken their eyebrows because eyebrows are one of the most striking features of one’s face, which can dramatically add an expression on the appearance of both males and females. Eyebrows are most used during communication. One of the most authentic and inexpensive ways to dye eyebrows’ hair with henna is by using proper henna brow kit. Henna eyebrow kit included only natural ingredients with no chemicals. It is now readily available worldwide, not only in stores but also online. But using henna on eyebrows is not a permanent dye like tattoos. It fades away with time. The color of henna lightens with passing days, which can be easily maintained or retained by using henna on eyebrows after every 2 or 3 weeks. It is essential to buy a brow henna kit with good reviews or through certified companies as Supercilium to avoid any reactions on your body.

Reasons for henna eyebrows lighten

  1. It is temporary, not permanent, which is why it lightens day by day.
  2. The more face is washed, the more quickly it lightens.
  3. It is just not lightened by washing face but also by cleansing the face with cleaners or makeup removing products.
  4. Another reason for lightened henna eyebrows can be that henna paste was not correctly applied on eyebrows.
  5. Skin type matters a lot too. People with oily skin will face lightening the color of henna quickly as compared to people with dryer skin.
  6. due to its natural ingredients; it makes the henna lighter.
  7. usage of towel/tissue to dry the face also affects its color.
  8. It varies from company to company, the more of the right product, the more it adds to its life.

How to prolong the life of henna eyebrows

  1. Reapply the henna paste after every two weeks with an authentic henna brow kit.
  2. Avoiding eyebrows while cleansing the face
  3. Preference of washing face or cleansing with organic products
  4. Do not forget to buy a special henna conditioner and apply them daily
  5. Never use bleach or face polish (relevant products of whitening) on henna brows
  6. Dabbing tissue/towel gently on the face
  7. Due to color variance in henna itself, one should prefer to use a darker shade of henna

Final thought

Hence, we conclude that henna is an excellent temporary way of making your eyebrows prominent. This temperance property of henna is beneficial in a way to get rid of any mistakes made during coloring. It also offers the benefit to the user to have thick eyebrows or thin eyebrows as desired at different times.