YouTube vs Blogging: Which Should You Start To Make Money?

The internet is part of our lives today and we often need to embrace the fact that we can earn from the different platforms. With almost everyone having an account, businesses see the urge to promote their products via the open spaces and hire influencers to assist them. So it is correct to say brands use social media for business.

There are mainly two ways to create content online, either blogging or vlogging. Blogging entails writing, photography, or creating content online that can sustain itself while vlogging entails creating video graphics content. Both are good means of making money online. They also have their pros and cons.

Advantages of YouTube compared to Blogging

  1. A lot of people are into video graphics content compare to typed content. This means it is easier to reach more people via YouTube compared to blogs.
  2. It is cheaper to start a YouTube channel compared to a vlog. If you have a functional camera and microphone or a good phone, you are good to go.
  3. You create so much content on YouTube relating to a specific niche. There are so many areas to cover in YouTube compared to writing content about the same.

Disadvantages of YouTube compared to Blogging

  1. You need advanced skills to create good content. This entails angles to hold the camera, skills to operate a camera, and editing skills.
  2. Vlogging gears are very expensive. You need a lot of these such as a ring light, microphone, high-quality camera, tripod.
  3. You need to work very hard on YouTube to start earning on the platform. On average you need about 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months.
  4. Vlogging is time-consuming. You need time to film, edit content as well as a post on the platform.

Advantages of blogging compared to YouTube

  1. Requires fewer skills compared to youtube. As long as you have good writing skills and can write informative content, you can achieve your goals.
  2. Takes less time to create content. The time taken to edit blogs is less compared to the time taken to edit vlogs.
  3. It is cheap to start a blog compared to a vlog. Unlike vlogging, you do not need to have a lot of equipment to have your content uploaded.
  4. It is easier to make money on blogs compared to vlogs. You do not have to reach a certain number of subscribers to monetize your content.

Disadvantages of blogging compared to YouTube

  1. Few people read content as compared to those that watch it online. It is easier to reach more people via YouTube compared to vlogs.
  2. Blogging is competitive. Before you make it to a success level then you will need to put in too much effort.
  3. It is an expensive method of sharing information. You need to pay for a domain to have your content constantly uploaded.

In conclusion, you cannot tell which is better between blogging and vlogging. Both have their smooth sides and their rough sides. Go by what suits you the most.