What Knives Do Chefs Use?

Chiefs have various working tools which help them in the process of cooking. One of these tools, and as a matter of fact, the most important tool is the knife. But you need to understand that chefs do not use regular types of knives that you can find out there in the market. There are special knives and other tools that the chef uses in the preparation of meals. We shall take a look at some of these kitchen tools which helps a chef in preparing a great meal.

Top 5 knives used by chefs in the kitchen

1. Kamikoto chef’s knife

This is one of the best knives that chefs love to use. This is not strange to the fact that the knife is believed to have a strong stainless design that gives it enough weight in the hands of the chef. The Kamikoto chef’s knife is of Japanese origin. The Japanese chefs use this knife to prepare exquisite Japanese cuisines. This chef’s knife is often preferred by a lot of top restaurants as it is very fast in handling and eases the workload that might be attached in the processing of preparing the food.

2. MAC chef’s knife

This knife is also preferred by chefs and this is because of its simplicity. It has a slimmer handle compared to the Kamikoto but it makes up for that with its large stainless sharp cutting blades.

3. Shun chef’s Knife

This knife is similar to the MAC knife with a slight difference. It does not possess much of the design that the MAC chef knife has. However, it is still in the top picks for chefs.

4. Victorinox chef’s Knife

This is recommended for people that are starting up a career as chefs. This is a very simple knife that gives you a firm grip and easy handling when you are working or cutting through meats and other for items.

5. Grindon chef’s knife

Last on the list is the Grindon chef’s knife. It does not have a big shape but it is better used to cut little food items in the kitchen apart from meat. It might not deliver a great result when it comes to cutting of meats but it surely will not disappoint you in slicing through other food items.

In summation, it needs to be noted that the Kamikoto chef’s knife stands out from all other knives used by professional chefs. Not only chefs but other people are also free to use this knife for a lot of activities to be carried out in the kitchen.