Ways to Hack Your Way into Instagram Stardom

There is no denying the fact that we are currently living the age of social media. Everything we do throughout the day definitely involves the use of social media to some extent. Social media has recently seen a boom over the past decade primarily due to some applications and platforms that have become so popular that they simply can’t be ignored. Apart from Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat & Twitter, Instagram too, has taken the world by storm. Having millions of users throughout the world, Instagram has surely become one of the most used online applications and platforms in the world. Not only is it used to share content, like photos, texts, and videos, it is also used to conduct business online. In short, Instagram is indeed one of the most “complete” applications out there today.

In today’s times, people look to make their way to the top and become influential in one way or the other, so they read blogs about online business, use different marketing strategies or services like Simplygram.com. Everyone is after fame and money and there is no doubt that the stairway to fame has greatly reduced owing to online businesses. People now become stars overnight because of platforms like Instagram. So instead of delaying your progress and walking towards a dead-end, here are some tips that will help you become famous, at least on Instagram.

Improve your Instagram Bio

Before dreaming of success, it is important to take baby steps. You should start off with the absolute basics. The first and foremost thing to do is to update your Instagram bio so that your followers have a clear indication of who you are and what your account’s content is all about. Don’t forget to keep the bio short and relevant. Also, it is important to make use of keywords in order to make a long-lasting impression.

Start Off with Designated Milestones

There is no doubt that in order to have a certain direction, you must have goals that need to be achieved. Before really starting off, you must design achievable and measurable milestones. An example can be “achieving 10,000 followers in a year”. This will indicate how your account is progressing with time.

Choose Nice Captions

Sometimes your posts are all about the caption you choose instead of the picture you post. So it is important you come up with a caption that is not only attractive but also has the potential to reflect and represent your brand totally.

Post Self Taken Photos

It is very important to improve your photography skills so that you can post pictures that have been taken by you. You won’t have to rely on other people to lend you their photographs when you can create magic yourself.

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Posting content isn’t always key. Sometimes you must also make use of stories on Instagram as well. Stories feature offers many features like video, captioned photos, fresh filters, boomerangs as well.

Choose Strong Hashtags

The right type of hashtags should be used by you so that you can reach more people. So it is important to use hashtags that are according to your niche and also have decent search volumes.

Grow Your Following

Increase your organic following by using Instagram growth services as well. But avoid scammers and unfaithful services who use bots to increase the number of followers only.