Is it safe to leave a car at the airport?

Trips and vacations are a lot of fun, but this fun gets spoiled if you have tensions in your mind. Many people do not have someone to drop them to the airport or to pick them up. Hence, they decide to take their cars to the airport and park them in the parking area. The matter of concern here is that is their vehicles safe in the parking lot or not? Every airport has its own rules, regulations, and safety measures. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is one of the most developed airports in Florida and Fort Lauderdale airport parking facilities are also very secure. Other than the airport itself, there are several other factors too that you should keep in mind when determining the safety of your car.


Onsite Airport Parking

Most airports have space allocated to long term parking. These spaces are usually in the form of multi-story covered areas, so you do not need to worry about rain or other adverse weather conditions. The premises where cars are parked are patrolled by security personnel and are under surveillance. Onsite parking is more expensive than offsite because you are occupying their space, and they are providing you with the convenience of leaving your car unguarded yet secure. 

Offsite Airport Parking

Another convenient option is that of offsite parking, and the primary benefit of that is the fact that it is way less expensive than onsite parking. These parking lots are not part of the airport but are at a short distance from them and are often connected to hotels. These areas are connected to the airport via shuttle service, which will take you and your luggage to the respective terminal. Similarly, at the time you arrive back at the airport, a shuttle bus will be waiting for you and will take you back to your car. This is a simple, safe as well as an affordable option.

No matter which option you choose, it is still essential to take some precautionary measures on your own. It would be suggested that you invest in an anti-theft device or a steering wheel lock so that you can avoid any such incident from happening. You should also cover your car as this will make your vehicle stay clean and would also prevent theft or other damage from occurring as removing the cloth would prolong the process, and the security will be most likely to see the wrongdoer by then.


At the end of the article, we can say that parking your car at the airport parking can be safe. You pay a large sum of money to the airport for the security of your vehicle because of which most airports tend to go out of the way to take care of your car. This, paired with your precautions, will ensure that your car remains safely parked throughout your journey and that you come home to your safe vehicle.