How much does a typical physical therapy session cost?

Physical therapy is the treatment of a disease, injury, or deformation using physical methods like massage, exercise, or heat treatment. A physical therapist is healthcare professionals who are licensed and follows certain standards to practice. Physiotherapy is a way of reducing pain and ensuring future health fitness without having to undergo surgery or drug course. The question that arises is how much do these physical therapy sessions normally cost.

Most people in the US have got themselves covered under the health insurance policy. These insurance policies do cover physical therapy sessions, as well. The Affordable Care Act marketplace health insurance plans for any services or devices that are either rehabilitative or facilitative services. Physical therapy falls under these categories and hence is covered under health insurance policies.
If you do not have a health insurance policy, you would have to pay for the services of physical therapy. These services, even after being paid for, are still far less expensive than surgery or pain management procedures.

According to Thumbtack, physical therapy sessions cost around $50-$350 per session. There are several physical therapy billing services operating in the US.

Physical therapy billing services

Medi-Bill is a service that has 25 years of experience in physical therapy billing. They reduce stress and allow doctors to focus on healthcare rather than extensive paperwork.

Physical therapy services are difficult for the bill. It is assessing that which services can be classified as being necessary for physical treatment is a difficult task that often leads to ambiguity. This type of treatment is one that is time-consuming and requires long hours to be done properly. Thus it gets difficult to keep a record of the bills. Park medical billing has experienced a certified specialist who understands how the billing process work and how it should be done with accuracy.

TJ billing physical therapy is also designed in a manner that is well suited to busy professionals, service providers, and any other physical therapy session that requires custom-designed software that would ensure quick and maximum reimbursement for the services obtained. TJ’s billing staff is qualified and trained in a manner that they know exactly what they are doing and are well organized with all the accounts and statements, and patient follow-ups. To ensure adequate tracking, all details and claims are handled electronically.


It can be concluded that when it comes to physical or even internal injuries, it is always preferable to opt for physical therapy before going for surgeries or drug courses. Physical therapy does not have any drawbacks and is practiced by professionals who ensure 100% accuracy in their work and make sure that your injury is being cured, taking care of all the future problems related to it. Several services are providing physical therapy, and each has its accuracy, which is not only the session itself but also the billing practices, which are considered to be problematic for most professionals.