Can You Add Milk to Cold Brew?

Hot days make our throat thirsty, and nothing comes handier than a cold brew. We do like cold brews a lot, especially when it’s hot outside. But what if you try to mix your drink with milk? What about a cold brew with almond milk? Probably you have thought about this and also you have tried by yourself, but is this good for your body? Is it healthy? First of all, we have to know what we are talking about. A cold brew is usually known as a coffee with a cooler treatment like for example being stepped in water for several hours. Coffee fans really like this method and most of the times they’ll recommend it as a break for the normal hot coffee routine. You can buy it already done as it can be seen in the images below or it can be prepared homemade. Just get your beans in cold water filled flask and let it rest for 6 hours.
This is how prepared cold brew coffee looks like:

As we see in the image, the color of the liquid inside is slightly less brown in comparison to the normal coffee, so that way we can distinguish them. It doesn’t make a lot of a difference but in terms of low temperature, the cooled one has a better taste. Once you have put your cold brew into a glass filled with some ice cubes you are ready to add some milk. For this one, we recommend almond milk. Why? because of the taste and the vitamins, it can provide you with.
In order to add milk into your cold brew, you also have to let your almonds rest for some hours in cold water filled the flask. Once they are ready, crush them with some water to make your milk. Now just go ahead and add the milk into the coffee and look how does it dilute in the brew… Just harmonic.

Is cold brew coffee better than the hot coffee? No, it’s not just better or worst, is a different way to drink coffee, although the cold brew coffee, being mixed with milk or not, has some properties to our bodies that can be helpful. For example, the cool process that the beans must pass effect on the caffeine concentration lately, so cold brew coffee won’t have as much as a hot coffee has. Also is better for your stomach, and mainly if you are a person with a sensitive one. The high temperature of a hot coffee does normally hurt our body and also the process of heat that the hot coffee has to pass tends to make the brew more acidic, meanwhile with the cold brew method, this doesn’t happen. Here you have a post on “Roast coffee” that shows more benefits of drinking cold brew coffee.

Finally, you have to be careful about how much time you let your flasks rest in the fridge. Don’t forget about them and let them much more time than the recommended, otherwise, the flavor will lose taste. Now it’s time to enjoy your cold brew with milk and share your opinion with friends and family.